On Writing

Serial Blog Creator

Notice, I said blog creator, not blogger.

There’s a reason for that. I like to create. I would spend hours and hours thinking up some great blog I was going to write and then spend hours and hours creating it. Searching and choosing and tweaking themes. Creating graphically aesthetic headers. Spending another couple hours coming up with not only the great title but a WOW-YOU-OUT-OF-YOUR-SEAT tagline. Something hipster creative, or emo-style for those blogs I was going to write that evolved from some pretty dark times in my life. Then…like that it was over.

All those hours of work, neglecting my dishes and hygiene, turned into a few minutes of writing “my very first post” (hooray for me!) and I wouldn’t write another single thing and I’d be onto my next great blog idea.

Lazy. I swear.

Then I light went on or an angel sang or something. You know, one of those annoying AHA moments. I realized, it wasn’t that I wanted to write as much as it was that I wanted to create. AHA! Create.

There, obviously, was still a part of me that wanted to write. I just wanted to build the page, design the graphics, implement this and that, more. I’ve always been really creative. My mom used to say I could make something out of nothing. Not sure I’d totally agree but I’ve been known to DIY waaaay before DIY was a thing.

God. If only I’d stuck with my writings from back in the days when the only gateways to the web were pay-by-the-hour Prodigy and AOL. I’d been the queen of DIY and the whole Recycle-Reuse-Repurpose Movement. But I didn’t and I’m not.

Anyhow, I digress. See how easy it is for me to stray off topic? I’ve decided to hang up the whole design a blog/never actually write a blog loop and carry on with this blog.

Let’s see how far I get. Look….this is already my 2nd post. Yay!


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