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My love/hate relationship with my Fitbit

My girls’ bought me a Fitbit. I’ve had it since Mother’s Day, last year.

I love it.

I hate it.

I love that it tracks my sleep. Funny, the least important of its features is the one I love the most. I’ve become, in my older years, fascinated with my sleep habits or lack thereof. Let’s face it, I’m not a huge fan of sleeping. (I once heard that people with higher IQs need less sleep than those with lower IQs. I’ve never researched it because, well, I’d like to believe it’s true).


I’m not a lover of naps, either, but sometimes I try and sneak a nap in just to test the Fitbit feature. It once told me that I was awake AND restless for 9 minutes of a 23-minute nap. Weird and cool. How does it know?

At night, when I obviously sleep longer, but not by much, it lets me know all the peaks and plateaus of my restlessness, awakedness, and REM periods. I like that. I don’t know what to do with this information, but I’m sort of obsessed with checking the charts in the morning, sometimes even before my first cup of coffee. I know, right?

What I hate about it, is even less about the features but more about the versatility of it. Specifically, the versatility of charging it. I swear the charging cord is like 3 inches long. Okay, so I’m exaggerating, but it is very short at its 10 inches, if that.

This means I either lay it on the floor to charge, or it hangs from an outlet. There’s really no way of charging it where the Fitbit can sit safely on a surface. Someone might make a longer charging cord, but for now, I have what came with it.

I also love/hate it because I don’t think it’s very accurate. I use it on my non-dominant arm as to not record movements that aren’t necessary while tracking my progress. Yet, that feature is kind of great, because it makes me feel like I’ve done more, which is a lie, which in the end probably help me. It’s a psychological game I like to play, with myself…if I see that I’m more active (even if I’m not) then maybe it motivates me to be even more active. It’s a win-win!

As for the main features of the Fitbit and determining my ultimate feelings, I love this little fitness tracking device. It is genius. There really isn’t much of a downside to owning one. It syncs nicely with both my iPhone and iPad and it really does track my exercise and weight, as well as offering nice linkage capabilities to other fitness apps, such as Myfitnesspal, where you can track your caloric and nutrient intake and walking/running apps.




8 thoughts on “My love/hate relationship with my Fitbit

      1. I guess that’s the point, getting us out of our comfort zone. I really like the flights of steps feature, as well. I will go up and down my steps just to see if it’s calculating correctly with the bonus of extra exercise.


  1. The Fitbit surge has a longer cord, if you are thinking of upgrading. One caveat – if I leave it on my arm too long (more than a day outside of showing), I get a small rash. It is kind of annoying because now I do not sleep with it on so I am missing out on sleep tracking aspect of it. 😦

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    1. Good to know, if I decide to upgrade. I, currently, have the Charge. I read somewhere about some people developing a minor rash. That’s a shame, you missing out on the sleep tracker. Wonder if there’s anything you can do to prevent it?


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