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Kettlebells, Kettlebells, Kettle All The Way


from Five Below

Oh what fun it is to…swing these babies in the air!

Funny story. When I first saw a kettlebell I thought it was that handled thing, also known as a curling stone, used in the sport of curling. Even after learning it was a fitness tool, I STILL thought it was that handled thing used in the sport of curling. On closer inspection, I am not sure why I thought that, but anyway, I did.

A curling stone actually looks like a teapot, but okay…on to the kettlebells.

Recently, I was at Five Below (where, if you aren’t familiar, everything sold in stores is..wait for it…Five Bucks or Below) and I was amazed at the amount of fitness stuff they sell, for yoga, pilates, strength training, etc. What caught my eye were the kettlebells. 5lb kettlebells in a lovely shade of blue (as seen in photo, above). I bought two.

Not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them, I did what most of us do when we don’t know something, I googled it. Pages and pages of information on kettlebells were at my fingertips and I began envisioning hours of swinging these K’bells (that’s what I call them now) around and following along intense youtube workouts. Becoming, a K’bell professional, slimming down my five month fat belly. If thinking was an exercise, I’d always be thin.

Reality hit me when I brought the K’bells home and I wondered if I would even ever use them. Surprisingly, I have. Almost every day. Nothing real intense, just learning how to use them. It’s been about a month of this and while I’m not seeing results, I do feel some results.

I follow this routine by Ryan Shanahan and will be moving forward once I’m entirely comfortable with this.

I’ll post updates as they happen 🙂




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