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Free Style and Interior Advice In Exchange for Building My Portfolio

FREE! Yes, FREE! I  need to create a clientele, portfolio and gather references.

I love to put things together. There’s something about that feeling of when things just mesh and in some instances, contrast. The colors, materials, styles, how they feel and look when put together.

I prefer working with interiors, rather than fashions, though I enjoy both, immensely.

You can check out all my designs HERE

From time to time you will see these post here in my blog. I just share them from Polyvore when I publish them. It’s a hobby but would love for it to become a business. Haven’t exactly found a way to scale it for business.

I am looking to build a portfolio, not of my designs, but more of what I could offer to a prospective client. If you ever would like for me to design something or help you in any way, ask. I would love to help (did I mention it is FREE?)

These are the ways in which I might offer my services (free for now, to help with portfolio)

  • Need to find a cheaper version of a pricey fashion ensemble? Provide me with an image or a website and I can create a similar fashion, at a fraction of the price and even include links to places you can find and/or purchase.
  • Want to update a room? We can go over the details and after a short interview, I can help you pick colors, accessories, etc. to brighten and update a room.
  • Styleboards for fashion and interior designs. I create a virtual room or fashion template so that you can see how a design will look.
  • Shopping Lists
  • Reinventing a space
  • Accessorizing a room
  • Mood boards
  • Page Layouts
  • Table and Place Settings
  • Party/Events
  • You name it, I can probably offer you what you need.

Just some examples:



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