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The Walk – Have you watched it? You Should.

I’m not a big movie watcher. I don’t enjoy going to the theater, where I must remain seated for approximately two hours, watching a movie I may or may not like. I’m spoiled by DVR and On Demand features such as pausing to pee or rewinding because my husband snored through a punchline.

I know these two things: I end up loving movies that don’t do well in the box office. I end up loving movies I’ve heard very little or nothing about.

The Walk fit this criteria. There is just so much to say about this movie.

First, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is never that actor that pops into mind when thinking of a popular actor but he’s never a disappointment. Second, the supporting cast of characters, “His accomplices” are phenomenal. Third, The World Trade Center…emotional, thought-provoking for so many reasons, mostly, the obvious. If objects could be nominated for awards, The Twin Towers would be on an Oscar ballot.

The last part of the movie, the actual walk, which is breathtaking and exciting, was not the best part. The best part was the whole thing.  No kidding! From beginning to end, it was a beautiful, smart, well thought out film. Based on a real person, Philippe Petit, I realize that the story wasn’t made up, but rather retold in such a lovely, funny, quirky, brilliant manner.

It isn’t just about a daredevil, it’s about a man and a dream. An unrelenting, impossible dream. It’s about love and life and fantasy and art and ambition and unfailing determination. It’s about not taking no for an answer. It’s about positivity. And after you’ve unwrapped all those layers, you find that it’s total satisfaction.

That’s it, Satisfaction. Total Satisfaction. The best way to describe how I felt after watching it, I was fulfilled. There were no loose ends, no cliff hanger, no unanswered questions, no confusion. Rather, I was emotional, not only because of a dream realized, but I swear, if I hadn’t known better, I would have thought this was filmed on scene. Because of this, it was amazing to see and feel the memories of September 11, 2001 while the movie unfolded. I found myself in awe at the hugeness of the towers and in 1974, when The Walk took place, the towers were not even complete and to think almost 3 decades later, they would be no more. Taking the hugeness and the many innocent lives with it. :::sigh:::

But, it wasn’t just that. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was incredible. He brought Philippe Petit’s happy, over ambitious dream right to you from the torch of the Statue of Liberty, where the Twin Towers sit in the background. He tells you his story from the beginning, in small, funny, non-overwhelming bits.

There are also some great quotes, you’ll know them when you hear them. Here’s my favorite quote:

Philippe Petit: [now standing in the torch of the Statue of Liberty] So, picture with me it’s 1974, New York city, and I am in love with two buildings – two towers. Or as everyone in the world still calls them, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. They call to me. These towers, they stir something inside of me, and they inspire in me a dream. My dream is to hang a high-wire between those twin towers, and *walk* on it! Of course, uh, this is impossible, not to mention, illegal. So, why attempt the impossible? Why follow your dream? But, I cannot answer this question why, not with words. But I can show you how it happened. And so, we must go back in time, and across the ocean, because my love affair with these beautiful towers did not begin in New York. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not from here. No, my story begins in another one of the world’s most beautiful cities, se Paris.

Oh, and my favorite “accomplice”? The dude who is afraid of heights!

This movie will be the newest edition to my list of all-time favorites!


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