When Life Gives You Cinnamon Rolls

Well, you make cinnamon rolls.


Yummy, gooey, cinnamon-ey goodness right from the fridge cause sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking from scratch.

Unless Pillsbury cinnamon rolls are on sale, I opt for the Shoprite brand. Just as good plus I think you get more icing with the Shoprite brand and let’s face it, the cinnamon encased dough is good but the icing is the winner, hands down.

I’ve made my own, my daughter even came home from school with a recipe for making cinnamon rolls from refrigerated biscuit dough. Recipes are good but in a the moment of a craving, I don’t feel like measuring stuff and putting anything together. I want to just throw those babies into a pan and bake and ice and eat. That’s it. No wondering if you did everything according to the recipe and most importantly, no whole lot of dishes to do.

I haven’t a clue about the nutritional value or lack thereof, as I can’t really bring myself to look at the label. However, I did notice the wording on the front of the label that states it has 0% trans fat. I think that’s a good enough reason to eat them, occasionally, of course 😉


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