Sesame Seeds

toastedsesameThis is crazy but I did something the other day that I never even knew you could or should do and I got really excited about it.

Toasting Sesame Seeds.

I know, right? Weird that something so mundane could excite me so much.

I am the most amateur chef. I’ve just, in the past couple of years, ventured out of my comfort zone of plain meat and potatoes kind of cooking to more adventurous (for me) endeavors.

Backstory: No one ever taught me how to cook and I was never interested enough to ask to be taught. But, when I was alone, as a kid, cooking anything which was usually just a basic piece of toast in the toaster or a scrambled egg, I would pretend to be Julia Child. Really. I LOVED (and still do) Julia Child. To me, she was part grandmom and part genius. Mostly, the latter. She was fun to watch and while I didn’t try any of her recipes, she sparked that little bit of myself that really wanted to cook and create things. Apparently, I had a really slow reaction to that spark because I didn’t even know that part of me was there until, well, in the past couple of years.

So, about those Sesame Seeds. It’s silly. It really is. But I saw a recipe that called for sesame seeds, so I bought some. Figuring, that was easy enough. I didn’t realize that they needed to be toasted and the amateur that I am, was upset that I’d bought the wrong thing. I didn’t think to buy “toasted sesame seeds” and then, the light went off…

Silly girl, toast them yourself. WOW!

Oh. Em. Gee. How easy was that? Pop them into a pan on  low heat and shake them around a bit and VOILE – Toasted Sesame Seeds.

There was just something about that moment, as minuscule as it may seem, that I realized just how much control you can have over something. How watching those little white seeds turn to a toasted tan color, knowing that I changed the appearance and the taste of them in just a few turns of  a wrist was such a profound experience for me.

I’d realized at that moment, how far I have come in my cooking. From being a newlywed at 19, making meals from frozen hamburger patties or sheets of Steak-ums to being my current 47-year-old self, creating new things and trying out new recipes and putting my own twist on an old favorite and yes, even toasting my own sesame seeds.

I have grown.



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