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This is NOT a food blog!

I don’t know why most of my posts have been food related. While I love to cook, my intention was never to make this a food blog. I think it was coincidence that I tried new recipes at the same time as creating this blog, but. BUT. I actually kind of liked doing the food posts. Mainly, I think because of the photos. I love to take photos (and eat!).

Not just take photos, but tweak them with effects and filters and crop tools. I like to make things look like they do in a magazine. Not that I feel my photos are magazine worthy, but they do come out pretty nice. I’m still working on my skills and tweaking techniques.

Nonetheless, it seems funny to me because if I think of all the ways I could describe myself,  chef is not one of them. I cook for my family. I like to prepare food. I like to try new things. I really REALLY like to pretend I’m Julia Child, just like when I was younger, but I still don’t think this qualifies me as a chef, by any means. Just silly.

What I think interests me the most in my cooking endeavors, is taking shortcuts and saving money and trying to make meals from stuff I already have or a cheaper alternative to what would normally be used (or called for in a recipe).

Ultimately, being real in the kitchen. I am a stay at home mom, housewife, domestic diva, whatever term fits. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t have fancy cookware or cookware that even matches. My cooking ware & utensils have all been either inherited, received as gifts or bought at the dollar store. My cooking utensils are so not fancy that I swear…I have a metal spatula that I love so much that when its handle broke off, there was enough “nub” to hold on to, I still use it. Funny, typing that out loud.

I make messes, I don’t always do my dishes right away. I use a cookie sheet to cover a dish baking in the oven if I don’t have aluminum foil. I sometimes use my sleeves, stretched up over my hands, instead of potholders. I once baked, er…ruined a batch of cookies because I mistook the wax paper for parchment paper. And when cookies do get baked properly, I don’t use cooling racks, I use a brown paper grocery bag. I lost my rolling pin once and wrapped an empty oven cleaner can, securely wrapped in plastic wrap, to roll out pizza dough.

Those are just a few fun facts about me and my cooking skills and so, I think you’ll agree, I am faaaar from chef material, but I am adventurous and possibly, overly-ambitious in the kitchen and I’m probably just like many of you that just wing it as best you can but have fun doing it!

Here’s that spatula, I was telling you about…



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