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Java on Java


Today, I’m going to teach myself Java while sipping Java…

In the early to mid-nineties, my husband bought me my first Windows based computer. It was a monster with a monster price! It was a huge clunky desktop with a bulky monitor and it came with one of those old-timey printers where the paper had the holes along the perforated sides to feed it through the machine. Gosh! Talking about this really makes me feel old. Like hearing my grandparents talk about the new fandangled technology we call the television. And boy, even that has been a continually evolving technology. My grandparents would be so shocked that we now hang really thin ones on walls and call them smart!

I don’t remember all the lingo, but the internet wasn’t the internet as we know it now. You could only access it through a gateway like Prodigy (my choice) and AOL. It was so cool, it was fun, it was new.

Seriously. I remember when Amazon was a little tiny bookstore on the web. I am pretty sure that I was one of their first customers. It was like me and 53 other people who shopped from Amazon and ah-maz-ing…getting a book delivered to your front door after just a few clicks with a mouse.

But anyway, sorry I am so easily distracted, back then there was the new language of HTML and this language would allow you to create websites. I had a poetry website called Andrea’s Abode (or something like that) through Prodigy. I taught myself how to make words in bold, italics and bold italics. How to make words





This is big blue

This is small red

But now I want to expand my knowledge, specifically Java. I’m really late but haven’t had a reason or the time to learn but I’m getting ready to build a website and I want to build it from scratch or at the least be able to add personal touches and modernize my skills.

Back then, HTML was only taught in bits and pieces. Today, you can learn all things HTML, Java, CSS, etc at W3Schools I’ll be learning Java there.

Wish me luck!


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