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Super Easy – Super Delicious Kale Chips

It’s been awhile. I’ve been so super busy with daughters getting driver’s licenses and permits and new glasses and, and..well, if you have a family, you certainly understand the ebbs and flows of  busyness. 

 And so, on my return to my supposedly non-food blog, I begin with a post about food. 

A truly super easy recipe to try. 

I was watching Rachael Ray last week and there was a viewer recipe that they were discussing and so I tried it…

Microwaveable Kale Chips. YES…microwaveable!

And TADA…you’ll need fresh kale, EVOO, sea salt and while the ingredients for that viewer recipe stopped there, I added garlic powder. You really could make this your own by  seasoning it anyway you like. Maybe try pepper, onion powder, chili powder, etc.

Cut the kale leaves off stem. I pulled them instead, cause I really like to use my hands as much as possible when cooking. Try to keep them all uniform size. The original recipe called for you to drizzle the EVOO. I tossed my kale in it in a bowl, with my seasonings of salt and garlic before placing it as a single layer on a microwave safe plate. Microwave for 2-2.5mins. Caution: you can burn this so do not leave your microwave unattended while doing this. I actually overcooked my second batch and had a flame. A small but scary flame. šŸ˜” So, I recommend microwaving for 2mins, then check for crispness and if need be add 30secs and watch carefully.

These turned out so crisp and tasty, that I practically OD’d on them. And I can’t that they turned out so well using a microwave. Try these, ASAP!


7 thoughts on “Super Easy – Super Delicious Kale Chips

  1. Wow, really easy! I used to make some of these but using a pan and spinach. I didn’t know that you can use kale on a microwave instead. What a helpful alternative! šŸ™‚


    1. I was surprised and a bit skeptical, but now that I’ve done it myself in the microwave, I am happy to say that it works like a charm. Hmmm, spinach in a pan? In the oven? I wondered how spinach might work. Would you share your recipe or might I find it on your blog? Thx

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      1. I’m excited to try it too! Unfortunately, kale isn’t always available in our country so it’s quite a challenge to find one. But I’ll try it anyway!

        I haven’t got the chance to feature crispy spinach in our blog but we’re planning to add it really soon. Anyway, here’s a recipe that can help you – I usually coat the spinach first with cornstarch and garlic powder before frying though šŸ™‚

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