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Thoughtful Snacking

My normal habit is that when I’m hungry between meals I grab the closest and easiest snack. Of course, closest and easiest usually mean it’s heavy on fat, sugar, calories or some combo of those. But since I’m now trying to plan and not wing it, I thought ahead and a quick look into a cabinet revealed two ingredients that I felt would be better choices. Walnuts and Raisins.

I threw a mix together in a ziplock baggie and keep it close at hand for when those snack cravings present themselves. I’m surprised at how well it has worked. Now instead of reaching for chips or cookies, I have my trusty little bag with me. 

Took it with me on my walk this morning, after my repeat-of-yesterday breakfast, along with a bottle of water. It seemed to boost my morale as I walked 1.17mi today as compared to my measly .5 of yesterday. I actually would have walked farther but Ellie, my 7yr old Berner was tuckered out. She’s been asleep most of the afternoon.

I’m thinking of dividing my walnuts and raisins into two baggies and sprinkling cayenne pepper on one portion. I love spice and it’s good for your metabolism from what I’ve read. I think it sounds interesting. I’ll let you know the verdict.


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