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So many new things!

Yesterday, was a very busy day for me. New food, new way to eat food, new job, oh and we made stress-balls.


I’ll start with that first. Being that this is something you might want to do for yourself. It was time consuming and messy but the time was filled with laughter and family fun and really, isn’t that what life is all about? Sure, you can go down to your local dollar store and buy stress-balls galore but there’s just always something really cool about making things from scratch.

You will need a balloon, a funnel, flour, spoon and pencil. Lots of flour. It’s cheap, so you won’t feel like you are wasting anything and as my husband put it to our youngest, if you are ever caught in some form of an apocalypse, this thing right here…as he held the biggest of our homemade stress-balls up in the air, could be worth thousands of dollars because no one will have a way to make food and you could make bread with this. (unflavored, unleavened piece of hockey puck, mind you, but hey…it would give you something to chew on while you’re fighting zombies, if that’s the form of apocalypse you happen to find yourself in.)stressballsav

Blow the balloon up, to stretch it out. Deflate. Thread on to end of funnel. Spoon flour into funnel and use a pencil to push it down, gently, through the funnel. Not sure why the flour doesn’t just seep, quickly, into the funnel but we found the pencil works nicely. Keep doing this for hours and by hours, I really do mean hours. Hours of laughter and torture. HA! stressballfunnel

This is a tedious task. You must stretch the neck of the balloon over and over, while tapping the flour filled bottom on the table. Then, you have to kind of make a hole in the center, at bottom of neck of balloon and allow the flour to fill in that area. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Until you’ve made the stress-ball to the size you’d like. I would have liked to have stopped at the 1in by 1in stress-ball I made but nooooo, my husband and middle daughter are extremely competitive so it began the “Who can make the bigger stress-ball” competition. It should be an olympic sport.

When we were all done, we had three stress-balls. Small, medium and large.IMG_2525 AND they actually feel just like the ones you would buy in the store. Thank GOD, cause I had to knead one of them over and over after having to sandblast the flour off my dining room table.


It was fun.

Now, the other new things. In no specific order.

Raw asparagus. YUM. I did not know you could eat it raw. I don’t know why I didn’t know that because basically, can’t you eat any fruit or vegetable raw? This was new to me. I did cook most of it for dinner, but not before I chomped on a couple pieces. Really. REALLY GOOD!

Yesterday morning, I toast whole grain bread, lathered on almond butter and sprinkled it with cinnamon. WOW!! That’s all I can say. Probably not a new concept, but new to me. I ate more this morning.

And a new job. I will blog more about that at another time. But I am now a Sales Executive for South Jersey Mom Magazine. How thrilling, huh? It’s a totally work from home job and it’s totally paid commission. So I’d better get to work. Adios…now go make a stress-ball.



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