I have spent an incredible amount of time trying to find the right opportunity for which I could work from home. Most, as you probably know or can imagine, are scams. I have worked (and still do work) for Mturk. Some would find it laughable by looking at Mturk, doing tasks (Mturk calls them Hits) for as little as a penny a piece. But it’s no joke, while you won’t get rich plugging away at the Hits, you can make some serious mad money. Sometimes, even enough to pay a couple monthly bills. My biggest payout was enough to fund a whole Christmas shopping spree for our three daughters. Granted, I worked my butt off doing transcription work (there’s where the money really adds up, especially if you grow your reputation with a company as being an accurate and quick Mturker) but it really paid off!

Years ago, I even ran my own country craft and home decor shop, online. It was pretty lucrative, especially since I never did any advertising. People just found my site and bought from me. BUT I had little kids at the time and really could not put as much time and effort into it, as I should have, plus the dropshipper that I dealt with changed their policies and so it wasn’t as beneficial.

Today, I am currently working from home. A legit opportunity. As an ad rep for a local niche magazine called South Jersey MOM Magazine. It’s a great gig. My earnings are strictly commission and while I’ve only sold a handful of ads (This is my 3rd week), I think it’s going to work out well.

So…that is where I’ve been. I miss my kitchen and my cooking adventures!



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