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Mixbook Mix – Up

On May 25th, I designed and placed an order at for 30 invitations.


That was it. Maybe that’s just it, my order wasn’t big enough or pricey enough…whatever the reason, I am pissed.

I’m pissed because I was expecting them June 2nd (according to Mixbook), maybe June 3rd. When they didn’t arrive on Friday, June 3rd. I was okay with that, but I had this gnawing feeling in my gut. Something was telling me to give them a call. Maybe it was the USPS tracking not being updated beyond the Pre-shipment notification from Mixbook. BUT even then, USPS is not the best for updating tracking info and that wasn’t as worrisome to me. But that gnawing, though.

I went to their website to find a number, couldn’t find one. Odd. But saw a link for I emailed my concern. I really just expected an email back stating that they were on their way.

No, instead I get an email saying that my order had been lost in transit. What does that even mean? Had to have been from Mixbook to USPS and so the blame is on Mixbook. But, I’m a patient person, even when annoyed, and I accepted the apology of the Mixbook emailer and was told that my order would be reprinted right away and mailed Monday or Tuesday of this week and to expect a refund of my shipping cost (hush money).

It is Tuesday. No email updates, no new tracking info, no new order update on my account at Mixbook. So, what’s going on? I would think they’d want to keep me in the loop, right?

I decided to call them, but didn’t have a number. I googled and found a number and called. Spoke with a gentleman who says that my order was just received an hour ago. AN HOUR AGO??? And that I should expect it to go out tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. No explanation to why it was just now received. He said he’d send me an email. I still haven’t received one.

To be honest, I’m not as upset about the “lost in transit” error as I am about the lack of professionalism, the lack of importance me or my order has received, the lack of communication. I wonder, if I had not called them on Friday, if I ever would have been told about my order being “lost in transit?” If I hadn’t called them today, would it have taken even longer for them to receive the order? Convenient that they received it a hour before my call.

They don’t realize it, but I was a pretty big customer of theirs, under another email address, using a new email address this time around because the invites are for my daughter’s graduation party and I didn’t want her to snoop around (if she did, which she probably wouldn’t) and see my order, as she used the same Mixbook account prior for something she purchased.

I’m also upset that I’ve tweeted @mixbook about this and they apparently don’t really care to address me. So….while it may be a small order to them and maybe not worthy of the communication and respect I deserve, as a customer, my complaints will be loud and clear. Use Shutterfly…or some other service to create your personalized items.


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