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You got it where?

Recently, a friend was over and asked me where I got a particular item that she saw on my server in my dining room. It was a lantern. The kind that is probably more for outside use, due to the fact that it is solar powered, than inside but I’m not a conventional kind of girl and I liked it for my dining room decor. I told her where I’d gotten it and then she asked about a couple other things I had around and my answer was the same….Family Dollar.

Her response was, “You got it where?”. The sound of her voice was a bit startling to me and I didn’t know if she was happily surprised or if I should be horribly embarrassed. I soon realized that it was the former and besides I would never be embarrassed about saving money. Which is what I love to do. It’s almost become a challenge for me because I’ll see something I love with a price tag I hate and my search begins.  Even if I had the money, EVEN if I were a bazillionaire, I would STILL shop this same way, just more often.

My love for Family Dollar started when my oldest was a baby. I was familiar with the chain of stores but mostly for a quick stop for toilet paper or a broom. I never really thought about shopping on a regular basis,  but only because I never really strolled around the store before. But anyway, my youngest was a baby and I needed something, can’t remember now what, since that’s been over 18 years ago. But, I remember discovering the rack of baby clothes.

I picked up onesies and pj’s and socks and receiving blankets and WOW, so much to choose from. The prices were unbelievable and the quality was just as good as any other store and especially the more expensive ones. That was the day the game changed for me. I didn’t have to go to JCPenney or Kmart, or Walmart, which was only starting to become popular in our area then. I saved massive amounts of money shopping at Family Dollar, as well as Goodwill and Dollar Tree.

I’ve since discovered all the other clothing, as well as the home decor items. Let’s start with this….


First, that is our 10-year-old daughter who was doing homework at the dining room table and decided she wanted to be in the photo. Now, on to the decor. See the server behind her? Right to left, Lantern (the one I mentioned), art and the blue lamp, all came from Family Dollar. I know, right? Total spent $25.00 (lantern $5, art $10 and lamp $10). The tall, bronze colored lamp w/shade came from Goodwill ($2) In the foreground, the three mason jars ($2 Goodwill) wrapped in seasonal ribbon ($1 Dollar Tree) and filled with seasonally colored Gerber Daisies (fake haha, like you didn’t know that. Each was a stem, $1 per stem of about 6 flowers in yellow, red and orange). I cut the stems at the longest point and then arranged them accordingly in each mason jar.

Then these…


Blue and clear wine glasses, $1 for each. Shot glasses are from Goodwill, $2 for set of six (I broke one 🙂 and then the plates are from Dollar Tree, $1 each, I got three each of four colors: red, orange, light blue and darker blue (turquoisey color).

And my favorite find, thus far, has been these…


How beautiful are these pillows? They were $8 bucks  piece!!! No way could I have paid anything near that price for these. The quality is fantastic. I’ve been wanting chevron patterned pillows for the longest time and while I have seen them on sale at other stores, they were still more than what I wanted to spend. The other design was such a surprise find that I still can’t stop looking at it…them, as I got two of each pattern. They adorn my sofa and keep my turkey pillow company. That was a gift from a neighbor, by the way.ysofa-pillows

As mentioned, I do shopping at Goodwill and Dollar Tree (which is now a part of the Family Dollar Family) I got this large metal wall hanging at Goodwill for $10…


Finally, I also like FREE and this gem was FREE courtesy of our daughter and such a complement to my decor in color and style….



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