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I have been painting bricks. I’ve painted three so far. Want to see?


I will be painting many more, as you can see, I have a lot, A LOT of material left over…

The story starts like this. My husband had a heart attack right after Thanksgiving of 2015 and missed a lot of work due to stent procedure and of course, recovery. Fast forward to Summer 2016, we need a new deck. Our wooden one was in such bad condition that I wouldn’t let anyone, other than immediate family, walk on it. It was BAD!

No money for repairs but hubby back to work (he’s a heavy equipment operator), he was put on a job removing an old paved walkway and common area of a local college. You see where this is going, right?fmfbricksbeforejob

Yeppers! It was like winning the brick paver lottery. For Reals! Every night, my hubby would come home with his pickup truck laden in pavers. Our three daughters and I would unload and haul the pavers to the back yard, one wheelbarrow load at a time. It was a lot of work, and work that we didn’t want hubby to take on. We allowed him to do the easy stuff, like stand around and supervise. Naaaa, he did the leveling for us and helped us cut the brick with the wetsaw.

After a week of , we had enough to build our dream patio and so it began. We watched youtube videos, read diy articles and talked, endlessly, of our plan. We drew pictures and more pictures of our dream layout and then for almost three weeks, we were patio paver professionals. It was HOT! There were heat and humidity warnings.

The older two removed the old wooden deck. They enjoyed every moment of it!

Then the patio went from a dream to a reality…a little at a time!

We worked through it. And then, it was complete. Ahhhh, I can still feel the relief.


We were left with loads of brick pavers, after building our patio. My hubby talked of hauling them away. I talked of selling them. Then one evening, ironically after reading a bible story about a woman who needed money and God told her to gather all the containers she could, bottle up olive oil in those containers and sell them, I was sitting out back with a cup of coffee and thinking about all the bills I needed to pay and I looked over at the leftover piles of brick and I got a creative vision which has now lead to my creative outlet.

Winter came, so I was unable to put energy into my project but now, it’s spring and I’m going to paint as many as I can, in many different creative ways and sell them. I’ve already created a store on Etsy…hence the name of this post, BricksAndBrac.  I only have the three in my shop, but check back soon!

So far, I’ve painted a ladybug from a cut-in-half paver, one with arrows motif and I even watched a Bob Ross painting video on youtube to paint the mountain landscape brick. More ideas to come! Stay tuned.



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